November 4, 2020

November to Remember

Peace, Love and Abundance! On today’s episode, we discuss the importance of this November aka New-vember. The time to be aware of your energy and thoughts have never been more important than it is in this now moment. Are you allowing the elections to keep you in a low vibing fear mindset? Are you still waiting for a president to swoop in and save you🤔🤷🏻‍♂️  . Is your future and state of mind in their hands or still in yours? Let’s talk about it ☮️💟⚛️

September 6, 2020

Why should eye vote?

Peace Love and Abundance! On today’s episode I’m discussing my thoughts on voting. Why are we still pumping this bs? With everything that’s happened this year, especially with all of these “people with power” being exposed for the evil things they’ve done, why are we quickly running back to the same concept thinking one of them will do anything good for the people moving forward 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️  Let’s talk about it ☮️💟⚛️

August 23, 2020

Toxic Situationships

Peace Love and Abundance! On today’s episode I’m talking to you, you and yes... You! We all know someone who’s been in one and hey, maybe you’re in one now but “Toxic relationships’ are something we all know about. My question is why stay somewhere that brings you immense pain and frustration? How many of us do not know the difference between a mistake and habitual behavior? SIDENOTE: YOU CAN ALWAYS GET OUT OF ANY SITUATION THATS NO LONGER SERVING YOU! Let’s talk about it ☮️💟⚛️

August 21, 2020


Peace Love and Abundance! On today’s episode eye give my views on the year so far and how the media is spinning the negative A LOT more than they are the positive... Yes, believe it or not there has been some lol. Remember to keep the mind free of clutter and for the love of god, if you haven’t already, PLEASE STOP WATCHING THE NEWS👍🏻  Let’s talk about it ☮️💟⚛️

Peace Love & Abundance! On todays episode I’m discussing the topic of Negative Self Talk. It’s something we all do but not something everyone is aware of. Like always, awareness is key in life and if you’re your own worse enemy, chances are you’re not going to get to far in life. Remember, we’re all co creators and are in charge of whatever’s in our reality. LOVE

Peace love and abundance! Do you find yourself stuck in similar situations over and over that you probably shouldn’t be in? Are you hesitant to walk away from someone or something out of fear? Are you more loyal to others than yourself? Let’s talk about it ☮️💟⚛️

Peace Love and Abundance!


We’ve cracked 15,000 downloads! Thank you guys for continuing to spread the word and continuing to look within to remember who you are. We are all connected and I appreciate you 

On this episode we’ll discuss a few topics like how we’re coping with Covid and the importance of not allowing the fear based media to fill your thoughts with the “doomsday scenarios”. Feels great to connect with you all once again!

April 3, 2020

Eternal Energies

Peace! Love & Abundance! On today’s episode, I’m here to get reacquainted with all of you amazing souls and to also let you all in on a big announcement! 4/4/2020 will be the date of my new YouTube channel “Eternal Energies”. Eternal Energies will absolutely have some of the flair from what we do here PLUS more! I will still be posting podcasts not to worry, just feel its time to grow! I’ll be using this platform more for my 1 on 1 sessions to continue to assist on your journey as you ALL have been very instrumental in mine. Here’s to more amazing and inspiring content! On another note, I’ll also be talking about some current events as we’re all going through a transitional phase in our lives. Just remember that the time to have FAITH. This is when faith becomes mandatory. Stay present, stay focused, turn that tv off and look within. We got this. LOVE


January 9, 2020

Exposing True Lies

Peace! Love and Abundance! Happy 2020 to everyone! On today’s episode eye talk about Lies that are continuing to hold us back and limit our potential. Why are we continuing to beLIEve anything thats holding us back? Why do we allow society to tell us about who we are? Why aren't you taking control of YOU and YOUR life? I’ve come up with 10 lies that eye feel will help us all see things from a different perspective. Here’s to a very healthy and prosperous rest of our lives! LOVE! ☮️💟⚛️

Peace! Love and Abundance! On todays episode eye discuss the topic of mindset and why its important in helping us live the lives we all dream of living. There are two types of Mindsets that I’ll focus on, fixed and growth mindset. Do you truly beLIEve that you are who you’ve always been or do you KNOW that you’re never a fixed product as we all evolve and grow daily. Our lives are based upon what we truly believe so its time to finally ask yourself, am eye living my life based on what I’ve been told to beLIEve as a child or am eye thriving and being the best version of myself 🤔. Ive missed you guys. LOVE! ☮️💟⚛️

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